We are handmade bags made in Indonesia, in the small city of Yogyakarta. We are a product of pure intention and we aim to create awareness in all women about their own female power and integrity. Each of our breast design is inspired by various experiences that our designer has witnessed on her own personal Journey.

We are inspired mainly by divinity of nature, people, relationships, cities and places while her personal travel experiences. We are the subject of a heart – to heart business. Each of our parts is selected with the best intention to serve women, while caring the bag as their daily necessity. At the same time we serve as a medium to spread the message.

Basically we are made from KANVAS fabric, 100 % waterproof and foldable, with special printed technique of an acrylic or crayon design. Our inside fabric, removable small bags, all leather and metal components are very preciously and personally picked by our designer.

Removable small bags, leather key hangers, small pockets and the idea of cross body types are the result of a selected customer opinions. Our production takes place in a small family owned sewing company in Yogyakarta. Our marketing strategy is based on our core philosophy which proudly  stands in terms of ,,sharing is caring,,. Through social media advertising such as facebook,  Instagram , online shopping, but more than that we emphasize the importance of a direct human relationships & interconnectivity. That is why word of mouth, it’s our most valuable marketing strategy, which means that our customer will recommend our products to their friends and family.

By using ‘’dagmarbags ‘’ you will become a member of  our community named WE ARE ALL SISTERS. We are not ONLY  the bags. We are also respectful towards our mother Earth. In that sense all what we do we try to do with conscious ecological attitude with intention to bring the idea of ecological sustainability to its perfection.

Become a part of a STORY. Help. Share. Motivate by your living example. Connect and last but not least INSPIRE others.

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