My name is Dagmar. Let me tell you a story. The story of dagmarbags !

It all  started  with a day I began to travel.

I was blessed to visit the Hawaiian Islands, where I fell in love with the majesty of its nature. Since then I was constantly pulled toward my desire to go back to the Islands. 

        I sold our family apartment, I returned to Hawaii and stayed for another three months. This time luckily with the realization that a place, or anything external, is not the source of one’s happiness.

       Life is funny, you might have plans and it brings you opportunities sometimes totally opposite of what you have planned. So that same year I started my studies of traditional Javanese dance in Indonesia. I have traveled to many places so far, but Asia had changed and reconstructed my life from its core. 

      In times of silence there was inspiration. During my travels I started to write a small journal blog called ,,The Journey,, and I used to spend my time alone by drawing my feelings on the piece of paper in the shape of a female breast. My art and every single step was the result of my own personal experience. It was either the nature, people, men, love and all the complexity of my ability to perceive and to feel – that had touched my designs.  Indonesian people started to notice my artwork. We created the idea of placing the drawings on the bags.

 This is how the ,,dagmarbags,, idea was born.

 I like to call them a reflection and at the same time a result of all the wisdom I have gathered. They were all touched by the Soul of Life - theinvisible hand of fate or destiny which creates and give us the chance to co – create. It’s that same power which lies behind the gentle wings of a butterfly. This force of Life is what  took me by its strength and showed me the pure magic of being alive.


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